This blog is administered by Ken O’Donnell at the CSU Office of the Chancellor as a discussion forum for Give Students a Compass.

The AAC&U launched the Compass Project in 2008 among three state systems to infuse more “high-impact practices” like learning communities, faculty-student collaboration on research, and civic engagement into general education.  Research suggests these practices may particularly benefit historically underserved students — the same students who are least likely to participate.  Incorporating high-impact practices into lower division GE, the curriculum shared by all students early in the degree and regardless of major, could reduce gaps in performance and completion while improving educational quality for all students.

California’s college students transfer frequently among insitutions and between public “segments” — the UC system, the CSU, and the California Community Colleges.  Strengthening the general education curriculum they share will be the focus of an expanded Compass Project in California.

For more information, see the project’s official web sites:

     CSU Compass Project

     AAC&U Compass Project