toward a second RFP

Working notes toward a Request for Proposals:  if the Compass Project expands to a second phase, public universities and community colleges in California will be invited to propose pilot projects toward outcomes-based GE transfer, to foster high-impact practices and greater engagement, persistence, and success for all students.

THIS IS A DRAFT:  the second phase of the Compass Project isn’t funded yet, and may never happen.  Comments and reactions to this page are especially welcome.

Successful proposals for the next round of subgrants would:

– build on regional relationships between universites and surrounding colleges

– convey institutional and faculty commitment to general education and student success

– coordinate faculty curriculum design across segments of public higher education

– demonstrate a willingness to experiment

– suggest scalability

This project has a “policy agenda” — we want to support local pilot projects that could be scaled to inform future revision of the statewide transfer curriculum.  Leadership of the funded projects will devote significant attention to managing the pilot and then sharing the results.

Successful pilot projects will be those that:

– highlight the real-world relevance of liberal learning (qualitative measures)

– improve engagement and integrate high-impact practices into the curriculum shared by all students (qualitative measures)

– are no harder to implement than the current transfer policy (qualitative measures)

– lead to improved one-year continuation rates and grade point averages relative to a control group (qualitative measures)


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